An oral history interview gathers and preserves the memories and voices of participants in important historical events. This collection contains oral history interviews from Oregon wine industry members. Content includes video interviews that range from about 45 minutes to two hours.


Submissions from 2018

Elaine Brown Interview, Elaine Brown

Bertony Faustin Interview, Bertony Faustin

Leda Garside Interview, Leda Garside

Janie Brooks Heuck Interview, Janie Brooks Heuck

Jeff Knapp and Kitri McGuire Interview, Jeff Knapp and Kitri McGuire

Tad Seestedt Interview, Tad Seestedt

Amy Wesselman and David Autrey Interview, Amy Wesselman and David Autrey

Chris Williams Interview, Chris Williams

Submissions from 2017

Eric Asimov Interview, Eric Asimov

Mo Ayoub Interview, Mo Ayoub

David Baker Interview, David Baker

Leigh Bartholomew Interview, Leigh Bartholomew

Fred and Mary Benoit Interview, Fred Benoit and Mary Benoit

Hilary Berg Interview, Hilary Berg

Stewart Boedecker and Athena Pappas Interview, Stewart Boedecker and Athena Pappas

Pascal Brooks Interview, Pascal Brooks

Katherine Cole Interview, Katherine Cole

Nancy Daniel Interview, Nancy Daniel

Joe Dobbes Interview, Joe Dobbes

Joan Drabkin Interview, Joan Drabkin

Remy Drabkin Interview, Remy Drabkin

Lowell Ford Interview, Lowell Ford

Alex Gambal Interview, Alex Gambal

Steve Goff Interview, Steve Goff

Tim Hanni Interview, Tim Hanni

Oregon Wine Brotherhood Interview, Ron Hayes, Diane Diamond, Paul Hart, Paul De Boni, Joe Campbell, and Pat Campbell

Allen Holstein Interview, Allen Holstein

Gary Horner Interview, Gary Horner

Dixie Huey Interview, Dixie Huey

Eola Hills Wine Cellars Interview, Tom Huggins and Steve Anderson

Leah Jorgensen Interview, Leah Jorgensen

Don and Pam Klase Interview, Don Klase and Pam Klase

Ronni Lacroute Interview, Ronni Lacroute

Jeff Mar Interview, Jeff Mar

John Mead and Zack Geary Interview, John Mead and Zack Geary

Allen Meadows Interview, Allen Meadows

Moe and Hanna Momtazi Interview, Moe Momtazi and Hanna Momtazi

Laurent Montalieu Interview, Laurent Montalieu

Dr. Donald Olson Interview, Donald Olson

Luisa Ponzi Interview, Luisa Ponzi

Jim Prosser Interview, Jim Prosser

Jeremy Schubert Interview, Jeremy Schubert

Jay Somers Interview, Jay Somers

Sara and Dave Specter Interview, Sara Specter and Dave Specter

Erin Stephenson Interview, Erin Stephenson

Bill Stoller Interview, Bill Stoller

Paul van der Veldt Interview, Paul van der Veldt

Tim and Denise Wilson Interview, Tim Wilson and Denise Wilson

Submissions from 2016

Wayne Bailey Interview, Wayne Bailey

Mike and Drenda Bayliss Interview, Mike Bayliss and Drenda Bayliss

Bill Blosser Interview, Bill Blosser

Susan Sokol Blosser Interview, Susan Sokol Blosser

Dieter Boehm Interview, Dieter Boehm

Scott Burns Interview, Scott Burns

Terry Casteel Interview, Terry Casteel

Kevin and Carla Chambers Interview, Kevin Chambers and Carla Chambers

Liz Chambers Interview, Liz Chambers

Michael Claypool Interview, Michael Claypool

Travis Cook Interview, Travis Cook

Carl Dauenhauer Interview, Carl Dauenhauer

Rick Ensminger Interview, Rick Ensminger

Dick Erath Interview, Dick Erath

A to Z Wineworks Interview, Cheryl Francis, Sam Tannahill, Deb Hatcher, and Bill Hatcher

Don Hagge Interview, Don Hagge

Paul Hart Interview, Paul Hart

Doyle Hinman Interview, Doyle Hinman

Howard Hinsdale Interview, Howard Hinsdale

Eugenia Keegan Interview, Eugenia Keegan

Steve and Karen Lutz Interview, Steve Lutz and Karen Lutz

Renee Neely and Laurie Lewis Interview, Renee Neely and Laurie Lewis

David Nemarnik and Tom Fitzpatrick Interview, David Nemarnik and Tom Fitzpatrick

Lynn and Ron Penner-Ash Interview, Lynn Penner-Ash and Ron Penner-Ash

Harry Peterson-Nedry Interview, Harry Peterson-Nedry

Harry and Wynne Peterson-Nedry Interview, Harry Peterson-Nedry and Wynne Peterson-Nedry

Nancy and Dick Ponzi Interview, Nancy Ponzi and Dick Ponzi

Myron Redford Interview, Myron Redford

Bob Switzer and Jim Straus Interview, Bob Switzer and Jim Straus

Juan Pablo Valot Interview, Juan Pablo Valot

Submissions from 2015

Andrew Beckham Interview, Andrew Beckham

Andrew and Annedria Beckham Interview, Annedria Beckham and Andrew Beckham

Stewart and Athena Boedecker Interview, Stewart Boedecker and Athena Boedecker

Janie Brooks Interview, Janie Brooks

Don Byard Interview, Don Byard

Don and Carolyn Byard Interview, Don Byard and Carolyn Byard

The Campbell Family Interview, Pat Campbell, Joe Campbell, Anna Campbell, and Adam Campbell

Stephen Cary Interview, Stephen J. Cary

Stephen Cary Steamboat Conference Interview, Stephen J. Cary

Jim Day Interview, Jim Day

Steve Doerner Interview, Steve Doerner

Dick Erath Interview, Dick Erath

Ken Friedenreich Interview, Ken Friedenreich

Bill Fuller Interview, Bill Fuller

Lisa Hall Interview, Lisa Hall

Dan and Christine Jepsen Interview, Dan Jepsen and Christine Jepsen

Al MacDonald Interview, Al MacDonald

Donna Jean and Jim McDaniel, Donna Jean McDaniel and Jim McDaniel

Jim McDaniel Interview, Jim McDaniel

Bob McRitchie Interview, Bob McRitchie

Joel Myers Interview, Joel Myers

Dick and Betty O'Brien Interview, Dick O'Brien and Betty O'Brien