In Their Own Words: Interviews

In Their Own Words: Interviews


In Their Own Words: Remembering Linfield College History aims to capture the history of Linfield through the eyes of the people who saw it firsthand. The goal is to talk to students, alumni, administrators, staff, and others who have helped shape Linfield's past, present, and future.

This collection launched with interviews featuring two former Linfield presidents. Dr. Charles U. Walker served as president from 1975-1992, rescuing a college that was struggling financially and in dire need of a strong, compassionate leader. Dr. Vivian A. Bull served as president from 1992-2005 and oversaw the vast expansion of Linfield's campus, adding land and buildings to help secure the college's future.

The interview series will continue with interviews of faculty, staff, and alumni of Linfield College who, while their experiences are different, all have thoughts to share about Linfield's past, present, and future.


Submissions from 2018

Dr. Thomas Hellie Interview, Thomas L. Hellie

Professor Ty Marshall Interview, Tyrone Marshall

Russ Ratto Interview, Russ Ratto

Submissions from 2017

Ronni Lacroute Interview, Ronni Lacroute

Submissions from 2016

Dr. Bill Apel Interview, William Apel

Donna Jean McDaniel Interview, Donna Jean McDaniel

Submissions from 2015

Tom Branigar Interview, Tom Branigar

Dr. David Groff Interview, David Groff

Dr. Marv Henberg and Laurie Henberg Interview, Marvin C. Henberg and Laurie Henberg

Jack and Marjorie Hunderup Interview, Jack Hunderup and Marjorie Hunderup

Tom Meicho Interview, Tom Meicho

Yosh Nakagawa Interview, Yosh Nakagawa

Gerry and Jackie Painter Interview, Gerry Painter and Jackie Painter

Coach Ad Rutschman Interview, Ad Rutschman

Dr. Craig Singletary Interview, Craig Singletary

Submissions from 2014

Dr. Vivian Bull Interview, Vivian A. Bull

Debbie Harmon Ferry and Professor Dave Hansen Interview, Debbie Hansen Harmon Ferry '90 and Dave Hansen

Drs. Charles and Cherie Walker Interview, Charles Walker and Cherie Walker

Submissions from 1976

Sounds of Linfield, Part 1: Dr. Charles Walker, Charles Walker