Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in English at Linfield University.


Events from 2021


The Butte, Natasha Kathryn Bailey

The First Flowers of Spring: A Poetry Collection, Gretel Valdes

Events from 2020

Self · ish: Examining and Reshaping Filipino & Filipinx Identities within the Continental United States and Hawai’i Via Post-Colonial Literature, Kiana Anderson


Mother Goose for the Graveyard Girl: A Collection of Poetry, Beatrice DeGraw

The Paradise People, Tiani Kaneakua

Look to the Quiet Sky: Short Story Collection, Jordan Keller


Golden Hour, Rose Letsinger


Sonríe Hoy, Llora Mañana, Karina Mejia

Events from 2019

Mrs. Burton's Breasts: Mapping Female Bodies in Nunez's Prospero's Daughter, Keri Dixon

Farmboy Instruction Manual: Rural Identity in Poetry & Creative Nonfiction, Donovan Douglas

Like Fireworks Weeping into Bloom, Sabine Ganezer


The Marked and the Magic in Prospero’s Daughter: Contextualizing Postmodern Witchcraft Accusations Using the Early Modern, Olivia Gomez

Curing Racism: Infecting and Healing a Colonized World, Kate Henley

Love Is Not Just Love: Approaching “Tragedy” Cross-Culturally, Chu Kong Adrian Iu


High Desert Journal: Editing with Focus, Jordan Keller

Events from 2018

The Importance of Representation in Medieval Studies, Madeleine Glenn and Jamie Friedman

The Middle of Fucking Nowhere: An Essay Collection, Vera Heidmann

Cerulean Butte: A Memoir, Emma Knudson


Excerpt of "A Tale In Three Beginnings", Nicole Mitchell

I'm Not Hungry: An Essay Collection, Peyton Smith

The Role of Light in Creating Space: A Collection of Poems, Tor Strand


High Desert Journal: The Literary Editing Process, Tor Strand and Joe Wilkins

Events from 2017

On Defiance: Reckoning with Religion, Words, and Weight, Rachel Bradshaw

Monstrous Dolls: The Abject Body in Rosario Ferré’s Work, Mackenzie Fraser

High Desert Journal: Writing and the West, Katie Higinbotham

The Miles in the Mirror: A Memoir, Katie Higinbotham

Reflection: A Collection of Short Plays and Fiction Pieces, Lillie Moses

The Great Porcupine Panic: A Story, Quinn Riesenman


Lesbian Love Sonnets: Twenty-One Love Poems and Rapture, Robin Seiler-Garman

Events from 2016

Cursing in Shakespeare: The Linguistic Power of Outsiders, Joanna F. Buchholz

The Beauty and Tragedy of Self-Exploration: How Oscar Wilde and James Baldwin Create a Journey to the Authentic Self, Maggie Hawkins

The Soldier and the Dreamer: A Novel, Carlee J. Parsley

Subtle Knives and Leaden Hearts: The Search for Unity in Text, Image, and Self in Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales, Jana M. Purington

The League of Virtues: A Novel, Angelia M. Saplan

A Defense of Offred's Agency, Camille A. Weber

In the Teeth of Wolves: A Novel, Samantha West

Events from 2015

Department of English Honors Presentations, Shaterah Hall, Dawn Wyruchowski, Samantha Hilton, Mattie Wong, Delaney Bullinger, and Marit Berning