Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in English at Linfield College.


Events from 2018

The Importance of Representation in Medieval Studies, Madeleine Glenn and Jamie Friedman

The Middle of Fucking Nowhere: An Essay Collection, Vera Heidmann

Cerulean Butte: A Memoir, Emma Knudson


Excerpt of "A Tale In Three Beginnings", Nicole Mitchell

I'm Not Hungry: An Essay Collection, Peyton Smith

The Role of Light in Creating Space: A Collection of Poems, Tor Strand


High Desert Journal: The Literary Editing Process, Tor Strand and Joe Wilkins

Events from 2017

On Defiance: Reckoning with Religion, Words, and Weight, Rachel Bradshaw

Monstrous Dolls: The Abject Body in Rosario Ferré’s Work, Mackenzie Fraser

High Desert Journal: Writing and the West, Katie Higinbotham

The Miles in the Mirror: A Memoir, Katie Higinbotham

Reflection: A Collection of Short Plays and Fiction Pieces, Lillie Moses

The Great Porcupine Panic: A Story, Quinn Riesenman


Lesbian Love Sonnets: Twenty-One Love Poems and Rapture, Robin Seiler-Garman

Events from 2016

Cursing in Shakespeare: The Linguistic Power of Outsiders, Joanna F. Buchholz

The Beauty and Tragedy of Self-Exploration: How Oscar Wilde and James Baldwin Create a Journey to the Authentic Self, Maggie Hawkins

The Soldier and the Dreamer: A Novel, Carlee J. Parsley

Subtle Knives and Leaden Hearts: The Search for Unity in Text, Image, and Self in Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales, Jana M. Purington

The League of Virtues: A Novel, Angelia M. Saplan

A Defense of Offred's Agency, Camille A. Weber

In the Teeth of Wolves: A Novel, Samantha West

Events from 2015

Department of English Honors Presentations, Shaterah Hall, Dawn Wyruchowski, Samantha Hilton, Mattie Wong, Delaney Bullinger, and Marit Berning