Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in English at Linfield College.


Events from 2016

Cursing in Shakespeare: The Linguistic Power of Outsiders, Joanna F. Buchholz

The Beauty and Tragedy of Self-Exploration: How Oscar Wilde and James Baldwin Create a Journey to the Authentic Self, Maggie Hawkins

The Soldier and the Dreamer: A Novel, Carlee J. Parsley

Subtle Knives and Leaden Hearts: The Search for Unity in Text, Image, and Self in Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales, Jana M. Purington

The League of Virtues: A Novel, Angelia M. Saplan

A Defense of Offred's Agency, Camille A. Weber

In the Teeth of Wolves: A Novel, Samantha West

Events from 2015

Department of English Honors Presentations, Shaterah Hall, Dawn Wyruchowski, Samantha Hilton, Mattie Wong, Delaney Bullinger, and Marit Berning