Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in Communication Arts at Linfield University.


Events from 2023

Debate Showcase, Jackson B. Miller, Clara Johansen, Emma Smith, Katie Jones, and Allyson Nicklous

Speech and Performance Showcase, Jackson B. Miller, Emma Smith, Clara Johansen, Marianna Stewart, and Zackery Olson

Events from 2022

Linfield Forensics: Speech and Debate, Chelsea Armstrong, Joe McDowell, Caitlin Meek, Shayla Wacker, Clara Johansen, Ethan Smith, Marianna Stewart, and Sabrina Heizenrader

Events from 2021


Tennis Is Big Yet Still Small, John Lutaaya

All Alone: The Impacts of Lack of Communication on Identity in Solitary Confinement: A Graduate School Research Proposal, Angela McKelvey

Linfield Forensics (Speech and Debate) Showcase: Debate, Caitlin Meek, Katie Jones, Joe McDowell, James Weiser, and Margo Stewart

Linfield Forensics (Speech and Debate) Showcase: Prepared Speeches, Shayla Wacker and Chelsea Armstrong

Events from 2020


Falling Back on Non-Apology: An Analysis of Politicians’ Reactions to #MeToo Allegations, Elisia Harder

Events from 2019


In Search of a Genre: An Analysis of Political Campaign Rhetoric Used in Swing Races in the 2018 Midterm Elections, Annika Albrecht

Linfield Forensics (Speech and Debate) Showcase, April Alvarez, Kelsey Bruce, Mia Burnett, Melissa Garibay, Emmaline Irvine, Angela McKelvey, and Diana Vazquez Duque

Understanding Body Images in the Media: A Feminist Critique of Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, Megan Ditore


Persuasive Messaging in Facebook’s “Here Together” Campaign to Save Face and Rebuild Consumer Trust, Elisia Harder

A Performative and Feminist Criticism of the Always #LikeAGirl Ad Campaign: Addressing Gender Stereotypes in Sports, Heather McNutt-Kaestner

Events from 2018

#Selfie: What Does Yours Say about You? An Ideological Criticism of Selfie Photography among Millennial Age Women, Amelia Burrill

#ATributetoPoliticians: A Guide to Saving Face with Political Communication on Social Media after an Online Shaming, Jade Everage


Becoming a Hero: Persona 5’s Video Game Narrative and Its Connection to Social Justice and the Defeat of Corruption, Cassandra Martinez


Three Cheers for You, Mr. Brando:
 A Dramatistic Analysis of Listen to Me Marlon, Alyssa Swanson

A British Parliamentary Debate Demonstration by the Linfield College Forensics Team, Mary Lynn Veden, Melissa Garibay, Kellen Johansen, Amanda Liles, Tania Mendoza, and Diana Naranjo

Events from 2017

Spanish Demonstration Debate, Mia M. Burnett, April Alvarez, Melissa Garibay, and Diana Vazquez-Duque


Bridging the Gap: A Pentadic Analysis of Theresa May’s Conservative Conference Speech “Britain after Brexit: A Vision of a Global Britain”, Maria Raquel J. Escalera Gonzalez

Exposing Rape on Campus: A Semiotic Analysis of the Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign “It Happens”, Stephanie M. Hofmann


Cállate No Me Haga Preguntas: A Metaphoric Analysis of Reggaeton and Colombian Machista Culture, Hope A. Hudson


Exploring Diversity, Citizenship, and Gender through Jazz: A Narrative Criticism of I Am Jazz, Mary Beth J. Jones

Anti-Intellectualism in Tomi Lahren’s “Final Thoughts”: A Rhetorical Analysis through Tony Schwartz’s Resonance Principle, Jacob F. Mihelich

Events from 2016


Cosmopolitan Goes Intercultural: A Semiotic Analysis of Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers, Kara W. Barlow


Liar, Liar: Micro-expression Application to Detect Deception, Andrew Batiuk


War, Religion and Loss of Innocence: A Semiotic Analysis of Persepolis, Joshua R. Bradshaw


Rogue—A Deeper Meaning: Organizational Communication and the Nonverbal Signifiers in Labels, George M. L. Saul


Breaking Down the Codes: A Study of the Nonverbal Emblems and Regulators Used in International B-Boy Competitions, Kelsi S. Watanabe

Events from 2015

Advocating For and Against Ballot Measure 88: A Cluster Criticism, Keyla S. Almazan Martinez

Living & Singing It Out: An Investigation of Contemporary Christian Music, Lexy Chapman

Is It Love or Is It Persuasion? A Fantasy Theme Criticism of Gender Use in Online Dating Website Commercials, Kayla Lisac

Voicing Their Experiences: The Narrative Analysis of Rape Stories by College Women, Brenda T. Martinez

A British Parliamentary Debate Demonstration by the Linfield College Forensics Team, Jack Patterson, Ellie Forness, Christopher Hu, Lacie McElvain, Cody Putman, Megan F. Schwab, Caleb Snodgrass, and Michael Zier

Dropping the Bass: Electronic Dance Music Festivals as a Forum for Community and Cultural Identity Development, Ivanna Tucker

Politics: A World for Men and Women: A Feminist Critique of the Role of the First Lady in the United States, Sarah Weiser

Events from 2014


I’m First: A Phenomenological Analysis of the University of North Carolina’s “Carolina Firsts” Interviews, Clara Martinez


Slut Pride: The Reappropriation Attempt by SlutWalk, Siena C. Noe

The Power of the Individual: A Semiotic Analysis of Color, Music, and Silhouettes in Apple’s Silhouette Campaign, Chelsea N. Ploof

Events from 2013


Framing Diversity: Multiculturalism in College and University Student Handbooks, Amy K. Bumatai


Speaking for the Dead: Funeral as Ritual Performance, Janelle L. Davis


Gaining Support and Spreading Awareness: The Impact of Undocumented Students and Their Stories, Crystal Galarza

Is Cereal Healthy? An Analysis of the General Mills Whole Grain Guaranteed Campaign, Clara Martinez


An Examination of Gender and Race in Newspaper Coverage of Olympian Gabby Douglas, Stephanie K. Raso


Naming the Church: The Representation of Two Congregations in the Media, Maria E. Schwarz


Launching through the Surf: Developing the Digital Collection and Presenting a Student's Perspective, Andrea Snyder


Launching through the Surf: The Interview and Transcription Process, Whitney R. Weber

Events from 2012

Creating Community: The Dory Fleet of Pacific City, Casee R. Clark


Launching through the Surf: The Dory Fleet of Pacific City, Casee R. Clark and Stephanie K. Raso


Nonverbal Cues in the Communication of Attraction, Cameron E. Howser

Communication, Contraception and Culture: A Semiotic Analysis of Educational Materials for Latinas, Maia M. Mercer

Is It Sexy? A Semiotic Analysis of Sexual Imagery in Japanese and United States Advertising, Marc P. Pereira

Semiotics & Ideology in the Visual Rhetoric of the Black Panther Party, Phillip A. Vaglica

Happiness and Struggle: A Metaphoric Criticism of Reggae, Logan C. Veith

Events from 2011


Communication and the Rhetoric of Fear: An Analysis of Protest Rhetoric of Signs and Slogans of the Arizona Immigration Law Debate, Hilda Escalera


Reverse Culture Shock: A Phenomenological Study Exploring How College Students Communicate about Their Cross-Cultural Transition, Chaia Schupack


Cavaliers, Heroes, and Devils: A Metaphoric Criticism of Dan Gilbert’s Attempt to Dethrone the King of Cleveland, Darren Valenta


Images of the Modern Immigrant: Persuasive Metaphors Presented in U.S. American Newspapers, Elizabeth Wilcox