In 2011, Linfield College established the Oregon Wine History Archive (OWHA), which chronicles the Oregon wine industry and includes historical documents from early wine pioneers. OWHA’s goal is to document all aspects and regions of the Oregon industry and to collect and preserve historical materials from winery owners, growers, researchers, marketers, and sellers. DigitalCommons@Linfield provides an overview of the collection, as well as related exhibits and highlights from each wine grower or organization.

OWHA materials include photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, audio and video files, planting notes, crop reports, epidemic documentation, tasters’ notes, wine recipes, notebooks, correspondence, maps, committee minutes, newsletters, legislative records, information about local and international cooperation, business records, wine labels, newspaper articles, and advertising materials from early days to the present.

OWHA currently holds collections from several wine growers and organizations: Dick Erath (Erath Winery), Dick and Nancy Ponzi (Ponzi Vineyards), Myron Redford (Amity Vineyards), Ronni Lacroute (WillaKenzie Estate), Susan Sokol Blosser and Bill Blosser (Sokol Blosser Winery), the International Pinot Noir Celebration, the Oregon Wine Board, and Oregon Pinot Camp. Agreements to donate collection material have been received from Diana Lett (The Eyrie Vineyards), David Adelsheim (Adelsheim Vineyard), and other pioneers of the Oregon wine industry, including Bill Fuller, Stephen Cary, and Allen Holstein.

Some items in these collections were initially digitized as part of the Oregon Wine History Project™, a collaborative research venture from the Linfield Center for the Northwest. To view collection materials in person, or to view materials that have not been digitized, please contact archivist Rachael Cristine Woody. For more information, please see News from Linfield College: Oregon Wine History Archive at Linfield College.


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