iFOCUS Science Colloquium Lecture Series

iFOCUS Science Colloquium Lecture Series


The iFOCUS Science Colloquium Series is a semester-long lecture series that offers everyone in the Linfield University community the opportunity to learn about science across the traditional science disciplines of biology, chemistry, math, physics, and computer science. The lecture series is made possible in part by generous gifts from the Hearst Foundations and is sponsored by the Linfield University Physics Department.


Lectures from 2016

Energy Solutions for a Changing World, Jonathan Cohen

Who Done It? How Chemical Separations Can Solve Perplexing Problems, John Dolan

Searching for Axion and New Forces of Nature, Rakshya Khatiwada

Unknown Unknowns and the Future of Scientific Discovery, Terry McGlynn

Lectures from 2015

On the Importance of Visualization in Nonlinear Dynamics: From Huygens' Clocks to Hurricanes, Daniel Borrero

When Volcanoes Erupt: Understanding Why Some Explode and Others Fizzle, Maria Davis

Imaging Magnets at the Nanoscale with Sculpted Electrons, Ben McMorran

Lowering the Threshold of Visualization Design, Arvind Satyanarayan

Lectures from 2014

Radioactive Releases from Fukushima: Human Health and Environmental Impacts in Japan and Beyond, Kathryn Higley

Next-Generation Muon g-2, Jarek Kaspar

From Radioactivity to Quark-Gluon Plasma: An Overview of Nuclear Physics, Joelle Murray

Nuclear Weapon Dismantlement Verification, Glen Warren

Lectures from 2013

Introduction to the Big Bang Theory, Michael S. Crosser

Geometry, Topology, and the Shape of Space, Michael P. Hitchman

Dark Matter and Cosmology, James Schombert