An oral history interview gathers and preserves the memories and voices of participants in important historical events. This collection contains oral history interviews from individuals associated with wine industry businesses. Content will eventually include video interviews and associated transcripts.


Submissions from 2018

Jerry Bell, Jr. Interview, Jerry Bell Jr.

Andrew Davis Interview, Andrew Davis

Carl Giavanti Interview, Carl Giavanti

Jeff Knapp and Kitri McGuire Interview, Jeff Knapp and Kitri McGuire

Submissions from 2017

David Baker Interview, David Baker

Hilary Berg Interview, Hilary Berg

Katherine Cole Interview, Katherine Cole

Joan Drabkin Interview, Joan Drabkin

Dixie Huey Interview, Dixie Huey

Jeff Mar Interview, Jeff Mar

John Mead and Zack Geary Interview, John Mead and Zack Geary

Jeremy Schubert Interview, Jeremy Schubert

Erin Stephenson Interview, Erin Stephenson

Submissions from 2016

Howard Hinsdale Interview, Howard Hinsdale