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What do acquisitions policies and workflows look like in next-generation systems? How can institutions leverage automated processes to improve efficiency, and what happens when you also belong to a consortium that is looking to increase collaboration? The Orbis Cascade Alliance is a consortium of 37 public and private academic institutions in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. In January 2012, the Alliance began a 2-year process of migrating all 37 institutions to a shared ILS. Migrating in 4 cohorts every 6 months, the first cohort of 6 institutions went live with Ex Libris’s Alma and Primo in June 2013. In this presentation, representatives from 3 of the 6 pioneering libraries discussed topics such as preparing for migration to a new system, changes in workflow, challenges and opportunities for a new system, and what may be coming down the pike for cooperative collection development in the Alliance.


This presentation was given at the 33rd Annual Charleston Conference, in Charleston, South Carolina.



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