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Performing Librarianship: Exploring Alternative Modalities for Scholarship in Library and Information Studies

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Library and Information Science | Performance Studies


Historically, scholarship in library and information studies has primarily followed the “traditional” research and dissemination models seen in many other disciplines – namely, peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed publications and presentations. These venues are tremendously valuable; however, the potential audience is often limited to professionals in the discipline. Although dissemination through these venues makes sense for scholarship categorized as the scholarship of practice, it makes less sense for more theoretical scholarship addressing larger themes or issues relevant to other disciplines or to the public at large.

This project drew on my two distinct disciplinary backgrounds in performance studies and librarianship to interrogate topics germane to library and information studies through performative means. Specifically, I explored what it might look like for scholarship in library and information studies to be expressed through alternative modalities. Goals for the project were: 1) to make progress on creating a script for a theatrical production that addresses issues relevant to both information professionals and the general public, and 2) to complete a first draft of a publication that includes a performance component, focusing on shushing as a performative act.

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This research was conducted as part of a sabbatical leave in 2017.