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Friday, May 18th

Determining the Role of Retinoid x Receptor Alpha in Mitochondrial DNA Transcription

Sarah Rempelos, Linfield College
Megan Bestwick, Linfield College

Fluorescent Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Applied to Chronological Lifespan

Kelly Schultz, Linfield College
Megan Bestwick, LInfield College

Identification of an Alternative Exon in a GABA Receptor Gene

Shannon Apgar, Linfield College
Cecilia P. Toro, Linfield College

Identification of Protein Interactions for the Mitochondrial Transcription Factor TFAM and Mutants

Shae Reece, Linfield College
Megan Bestwick, Linfield College

Potential Niche Partitioning among Sponge Species in the Lower Florida Keys

Clara Prentiss, Linfield College
Carmen Hoffbeck, Linfield College
Malcolm Hill, University of Richmond
Jeremy Weisz, Linfield College

Zebrafish Rheotaxis in the Presence of GABA Receptor Modulators

Austin Ramsay, Linfield College