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The present article reports the results of a meta-analysis of nine student replication projects of Elliot et al.’s (2010) findings from Experiment 3, that women were more attracted to photographs of men with red borders (total n = 640). The eight student projects were part of the Collaborative Replication and Education Project (CREP; https://osf.io/wfc6u/), a research crowdsourcing project for undergraduate students. All replications were reviewed by experts to ensure high quality data, and were pre-registered prior to data collection. Results of this meta-analysis showed no effect of red on attractiveness ratings for either perceived attractiveness (mean ratings difference = –0.07, 95% CI [–0.31, 0.16]) or sexual attractiveness (mean ratings difference = –0.06, 95% CI [–0.36, 0.24]); this null result held with and without Elliot et al.’s (2010) data included in analyses. Exploratory analyses examining whether being in a relationship moderated the effect of color on attractiveness ratings also produced null results.

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Jordan R. Wagge, Cristina Baciu, Kasia Banas, Joel T. Nadler, Sascha Schwarz, Yanna Weisberg, Hans IJzerman, Nicole Legate, & Jon Grahe
A demonstration of the Collaborative Replication and Education Project: Replication attempts of the red-romance effect.
Collabra: Psychology, volume 5, issue 1, article 5



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