Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds Lectures

Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds Lectures


The Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds lecture series at Linfield University honors Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds, a professor of biology at Linfield from 1941 to 1974. The series brings speakers to campus to address critical environmental concerns and biological issues and to support student-faculty collaborative research. Dr. Dirks-Edmunds recognized the importance of ecological issues and humanity’s impact on nature long before environmental issues became part of the public agenda.


Lectures from 2023

A World Without Soil, Jo Handelsman

Lectures from 2019

Save the Bees: A Call for Action, Michael Breed

Lectures from 2017

Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds Lecture: Suzanne Simard, Suzanne Simard