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Sharon Newberg and Corinne Rice Interview

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Oral History


This interview is an oral history with Sharon Newberg and Corinne Rice conducted by Alyssa Ralston.The interview took place at the Jereld R. Nicholson Library at Linfield University on November 7, 2023.

Sisters Newberg and Rice were known as the Voll sisters during their time at Linfield. In this interview the sisters talk about everything from their early childhood to their college memories. The sisters begin their interview by sharing some of their favorite memories and experiences of growing up in McMinnville in the '40s. They shared stories about childhood escapades, their dad, and McMinnville at the time.

Later in the interview, the sisters dive into their college experiences. They share memories about their time spent at Linfield and mention some of their favorite professors. They then talk about life after Linfield. Finally, the sisters leave us with some of their hopes and favorite memories of their dad.