Faculty Presentations

Faculty Presentations


View presentations and associated materials from faculty in the Journalism and Media Studies Department at Linfield University.


Submissions from 2018

Waiting for Peace: Creating a Documentary for Interactive Multimedia, Michael Huntsberger

Submissions from 2017

The Digital Sports Fan, Andrew Billings, Rob Moseley, Lisa Weidman, and Travis McGuire


Public Media at 50: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act, Michael Huntsberger

Fake News: What Is It, and Why Should We Care? A Discussion Panel, Susan Currie Sivek, Micaela Lueders, Mindy Legard Larson, Dawn Nowacki, and Jeremy B. Weisz

Submissions from 2014

Panel Discussion on Women and Power, Barbara Kitt Seidman, Dawn Nowacki, Susan Currie Sivek, and Brenda DeVore Marshall

Submissions from 2013

Community Media in the 21st Century: Participatory Culture and the Revitalization of Democracy, Michael Huntsberger


Packaging Inspiration: Al Qaeda's Digital Magazine Inspire and Self-Radicalization, Susan Currie Sivek

Submissions from 2012


Getting Students into Digital Magazines, Susan Currie Sivek


Teaching with Social Media, Susan Currie Sivek

Eco-terrorism or Eco-tage: An Argument for the Proper Frame, David Sumner and Lisa Weidman

Submissions from 2011


HD Radio Shouldn't Be This Hard: The High Definition Experiences of Low Tech Community Radio, Michael Huntsberger

Submissions from 2010


HD Radio vs. Public Radio Player, Michael Huntsberger

Submissions from 2009


HD Radio: Lost in Transition, Michael Huntsberger and Alan G. Stavitsky