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The Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies (IIJBS) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal dedicated to supporting the academic study of Buddhism in all its varieties. The Journal is published by the Bhikkhu Jagdish Kashyap Institute of Buddhist and Asian Studies and sponsored by the Aditya Shyam Trust (76, Nandnagar, Karaundi, Varanasi - 221005, India). It was founded to serve the Indian and international community of scholars and students of Buddhism by Dr. A. K. Narain, late professor emeritus of Buddhist Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Banaras Hindu University.

Current Volume: Volume 21 (2021)


Śāntarakṣita and Kamalaśīla on the Advaita Vedanta Theory of a Self
James Duerlinger, Binita Mehta, and Siddharth Singh