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Repertoire available for women’s choirs is generally lacking in quantity and quality compared to music written for mixed choirs. A 2013 study that surveyed recommended choral literature resources by the American Choral Directors Association found that women’s choir repertoire comprised an average of 3% of all choral repertoire mentioned compared with 78% for mixed choirs. Additionally, female composers remain underrepresented, with the vast majority of women’s choral literature written by male composers. An examination of two 1960s publications providing lists of women’s choral literature revealed that less than 4% of the annotated compositions were by women composers. While publications of women’s choral literature are key in increasing access to quality repertoire, recordings are also an essential and effective means of exposing new, quality works for women’s voices to conductors and wider audiences, and raising the profile of female composers writing for women’s voices. The March 2019 release of Cycles of Eternity, a CD featuring significant contemporary works for women’s voices by the female vocal ensemble In Mulieribus, led by Dr. Anna Song, highlights works by three living female composers and six hitherto unrecorded compositions to make a meaningful contribution to women’s choral literature.


This research was conducted as part of a Linfield College Faculty Development Grant in 2017, funded by the Office of Academic Affairs.

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