Linfield University Public History Project: World War II as Experience and Memory


Virginia Haynes Yungen: World War II as Experience and Memory

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Schmidt, Rich


Guyot, Ruby

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Cultural History | Oral History | Public History | United States History | Women's History


This interview is an oral history conducted by Rich Schmidt, Linfield College archivist, and Ruby Guyot, Linfield class of 2019, with Virginia (Haynes) Yungen, Linfield class of 1947. The interview took place by telephone on June 24, 2019.

Virginia Yungen attended Linfield College starting in the fall of 1943, coming to Linfield at a time when most of the men had left campus due to the draft. She was born in Idaho, where her Baptist church pastor recommended her to Linfield, thereby enabling her to receive a scholarship to attend. In this interview, Yungen talks about how the war was not a popular topic on campus and how there were only a few reminders of the war. She describes her participation in campus life as a very active member of the student body who was also very interested in singing. Yungen explains how campus life changed following the end of the war with the arrival of veterans through the G.I. Bill. Yungen ends the interview by talking about her career in teaching and her life after Linfield.


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