Most Recent Additions


2D Materials Under the Scanning Probe Microscope
Joseph Murphy and Becky Smith


Peer-led Bystander Intervention Training: Best Practices and Application
Madison Reimer, Yanna Weisberg, Jackson B. Miller, and Angela McKelvey


Gene Annotation of GlyS in Drosophila Species
Bronwyn M. Boyd, Hanna Shields, Lottie R. Steward, and Catherine Reinke


Intercollegiate Wine Business Invitational - Pandemônio
Morgan Balovich, Cole Hoskins, Shakayla Snyder, Riley Regalado, Bayleigh Snaric, and Lia Shaffer-Tropeano


Macrofungi in Urban and Rural Forests
Jordan Leis, Trinity Ronk-Degraffenreid, and Nancy Broshot


First, But Certainly Not Last: First-Generation Student Experiences
Rosario Rucoba and Patricia Bocanegra Sanchez


Effective Drone Usage for Wildfire Coverage in Victoria
Hitomi Uchiyama, Jakob Thomas Longbottom, and Kellen Atkins


Athleticism as Predictors of Basketball Performance
Jeremy Johnson, Will Burghardt, Haley Fujimori, Cisco Reyes, and Janet Peterson


Feminine Archetype of Musical Drama: A Multimedia Presentation
Tara Baker, Joan Paddock, Anton Belov, and Daniel Pollack-Pelzner


I Sing to Use the Waiting
Thomas Sagers

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