Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in Political Science at Linfield University.


Events from 2021

Kū’ē: Sovereignty and Violence, Stella Mason

The Portland Hipster Versus the Rural Oregonian: The Urban-Rural Divide and the Rise of Resentment in Oregon, Rosario Rucoba

Events from 2019

New Zealand and the United States Compared: Campaign Finance Laws and Voter Efficacy, Annika Albrecht

Generational Turnover and Political Institutions in the U.S. and Spain, Aspen Brooks

The Fire Is upon Us, Aspen Brooks, Maddy Colson, and Nicholas Buccola


The New Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Age, Isaac Grebisz

A Comparative Analysis of Immigrant Integration Methods in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, Jenny Horniman

Militarism in the U.S.: The Post-2001 Diaspora of Security Aid, Wilson Miles

Events from 2018


Sanctions from on High: The Legitimizing Power of American Exceptionalism, Benjamin Bartu

"The Time Is Always Now": James Baldwin in Trump's America, Chase Stowell

Events from 2017


Women, Religion, and Democracy in Myanmar, Bella Thet Su Aung

Birds of a Feather: Exploring the Phenomenon of Voting Cohesion in the United Nations General Assembly, Finley R. Brogan


Conditions Pertinent for Overcoming Gender Inequality in Political Leadership: A Comparative Analysis of Angela Merkel and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Maria Raquel J. Escalera Gonzalez

Engaging Young People Politically through Online Participation, Mikayla Frei

Equity in Parental Leave Policy for Low-Income Latina Mothers, Sara Gómez Horta

Can We Save the Elephant?, Nozomi Imai

Can Sexism in the House of Representatives Be Measured with the Presence of Military Installations?, Molly L. McTaggart


Gendered Inhibitors to Successful Military Service and Combat Integration for Female Soldiers, Abigail Thomas

Events from 2016

James Baldwin, William F. Buckley, & the American Dream, Nicholas Buccola and Jillaine Cook


The Role of Gender and Racial Stereotypes in State Judicial Elections, Suzanne R. Johnson

Events from 2015

The Mine Ban Convention: A Justified Success or Just Another Naked Emperor?, Whitney Z. Brittingham


What William F. Buckley, Jr. Did Not Understand about James Baldwin: On Baldwin’s Politics of Freedom, Maggie Hawkins

Events from 2014


Unintended Consequences of Transnational Activism: Case Studies from the Brazilian Amazon, Joseph T. Gladow


The Evolution of Judicial Power: How the Supreme Court Effectively Legalized Rape on Indian Reservations, Clara Martinez

Islamic Feminism: A Discourse of Gender Justice and Equality, Breanna Ribeiro


Accountability, Immunity, & Impunity: How the UN Avoids Justice in Haiti, Megan F. Schwab

Events from 2013


Layers of Limbo: Governing Vulnerable & Displaced Populations in Thailand, Morgan Christiansen, Bridget Grant, Kole Kracaw, Leanne McCallum, and William McHenry

Events from 2011


The Correlates of Wealth Disparity between the Global North & the Global South, Noelle Enguidanos

Analyzing In-State Post-Secondary Tuition Policies for Undocumented Illegal Aliens in the United States, Jonathon Thompson