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Philosophy | Philosophy of Science


Questions traditionally answered by philosophers are now being tackled by prominent scientists. As the cultural influence of science and technology continues to grow, what room, if any, is left for philosophy?

Three philosophers—Dr. Jonathan Kaplan (associate professor of philosophy at Oregon State University), Dr. Massimo Pigliucci (professor of philosophy at City College of New York), and Dr. Leonard Finkelman (assistant professor of philosophy at Linfield College)—explore issues related to the philosophy of science, including how philosophy has contributed to scientific progress, why philosophy continues to be important to science, and why there remain questions that only philosophy can answer. The panelists represent four generations of an academic lineage: Dr. Kaplan was Dr. Pigliucci's dissertation advisor, Dr. Pigliucci was Dr. Finkelman's dissertation advisor, and Evan Tracy is a student of Dr. Finkelman.


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