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Investigating the Bottom-up Complexities and Adaptive Challenges of Contemporary Climate Change in Northeastern Siberia and Nunatsiavut, Canada

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Anthropology | Climate | Environmental Education | Environmental Sciences | Environmental Studies | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Sustainability


Dr. Susan A. Crate (associate professor of anthropology at George Mason University) discusses the complexities and challenges of climate change. Humanity’s chances of adapting to large scale changes now underway must always be anchored in close understanding of how people actually deal with complex adaptive challenges on the ground. If people move their focus to local contexts and reframe the objective of sustainability as a dialogue within those contexts, then the concept itself takes on a life and a power.

This lecture is the 12th annual anthropology lecture at Linfield College. The annual anthropology lecture showcases diverse perspectives from all four subfields of anthropology.


Sponsored by the Linfield College Sociology and Anthropology Department and PLACE.