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12 Years a Prisoner: Guantanamo's Legacy of Re-Forged Chains

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American Politics | Defense and Security Studies | International Relations | Legal Theory | Political Science


What insights can different disciplines and modes of inquiry offer about the legacies of war? How might integration of these insights help us learn more about the impact of war, broadly conceived? And what lessons might be drawn for the future? This presentation on the suspension of habeas corpus and the indefinite detention of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay is part of Legacies of War and the Liberal Arts: Learning from Difference, a series of short, student-led talks that bring a variety of disciplinary perspectives — sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences — to bear on arguably the most consequential experiences of human history. Patrick Cottrell, Associate Professor of Political Science at Linfield College, introduces the series of talks at the beginning of the presentation.


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