Historical Note

After meeting David Lett at Oregon State University in the mid-1960s, Arthur Weber became deeply interested in the Oregon wine industry. He and his wife, Vivian Weber, were planning a vacation to France, but Arthur decided they should go to Oregon instead. After much arguing over the original destination (Vivian’s preference) and this new one, Vivian gave in to Arthur’s enthusiastic determination. In the spring of 1971, the two traveled to Oregon.

The transition to wine grower for either Arthur or Vivian Weber seems odd since they hailed from Boston, MA, where Arthur was a publicist and book salesman and Vivian was a travel manager. Yet on their arrival to Dundee, OR, in search of David Lett, the couple stumbled upon a plot of possible grape-growing land above the town of Dundee that was for sale. After a confusing interaction with Jim Maresh (the owner of the land), whom Arthur had mistaken for Lett, Arthur was offered the land. Given their chance meeting, Arthur bought the vineyard acreage in the Dundee Hills, his first purchase.

For a few years the Webers were extremely busy, flying back and forth between Boston and Dundee and trying to establish a profitable vineyard while Vivian continued to work in Boston. They owned a cabin above the Knudsen Erath vineyard and winery and began to integrate themselves within the Oregon wine community. Soon, Arthur purchased a farmhouse and vineyard acreage from Nita Moyer which was positioned directly next to their original vineyard. The first vines to be planted were Riesling in 1975. From then until 1988, the Webers planted thirty-five acres with a mix of Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer.

Collection Description

This collection contains a variety of documents related to Weber Vineyards, including harvest records, information on spray programs, financial records, soil analysis, disease and disaster records, and information related to the Oregon Wine Advisory Board. Harvest records include documents detailing the amount of grapes harvested, weather patterns, schedules for harvesting, varieties of grapes harvested, and comparisons to other local vineyards. Documents on spray programs describe the types and amount of pesticides used, the cost of such pesticides, information on how to use spray programs, and schedules for spray programs. Financial records document the cost of equipment, payments to employees, and sales. Soil analysis records document testing done by Oregon State University, nutrient deficiencies, and propositions for nutrient supplements. Disease and disaster records include information on the phylloxera infestation which affected Weber Vineyards, disaster relief forms and replies, and prevention and treatment research and documentation. Finally, the collection includes information related to the Oregon Wine Advisory Board, including newsletters, regional data, and notices.

For additional historical background and collection inventory, please see the Guide to the Weber Vineyards Collection 1984-1995.


Submissions from 1992


Weber Vineyards Spray Map, Unknown

Submissions from 1991


Alternate Harvest Contractors per Dick Erath, Unknown


Pre-Pinot Gris Harvest List, Unknown