Oral History Interviews: Ponzi Vineyards


Bringing Vines to the Valley: Dick and Nancy Ponzi Interview



Peterson, Jeff

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Oral History | Viticulture and Oenology


This interview is an oral history conducted by Dr. Jeff Peterson, director of the Linfield Center for the Northwest, with Dick and Nancy Ponzi of Ponzi Vineyards. The interview took place at Ponzi Winery on July 1, 2010.

Originally having nothing to do with viticulture or enology, Dick and Nancy Ponzi were working class citizens of southern California. Their path began to unfold one day when Dick decided to revive his family tradition of home winemaking. Their interest grew and they moved to Oregon where they established their vineyard in 1970 and produced their first vintage in 1974.

In this interview, the Ponzis talk about some of their early days in the Oregon wine industry and what brought them to the Pacific Northwest on their agricultural journey. They describe in detail some of the processes and highlights they've seen throughout their years in the industry.


This interview was conducted as part of the Oregon Wine History Project™, a collaborative research venture from the Linfield Center for the Northwest. Assisting in the production of this interview were videographers Barrett Dahl and Mark Pederson; exhibit and collections coordinators Barrett Dahl, Sara Juergensen, and Keni Sturgeon (faculty advisor); and project historical researchers Dulce Kersting and Lissa Wadewitz (faculty advisor).