This collection of interviews comes from the Oregon Pinot Camp (OPC). OPC is a Willamette Valley regional program that provides a series of workshops every June related to winemaking and the varietals of that region. The collection includes interviews that were commissioned by OPC in 2004-2006. These interviews are the raw footage that eventually went into The Oregon Wine Story Continues, a short documentary created by Ben Garvey.

To learn more about Oregon Pinot Camp, please visit their website.


Submissions from 2016

Susan Sokol Blosser Interview, Susan Sokol Blosser (circa 2004-2006)

Terry Casteel Interview, Terry Casteel (circa 2004-2006)

Dick Erath Interview, Dick Erath (circa 2004-2006)

Harry Peterson-Nedry Interview, Harry Peterson-Nedry (circa 2004-2006)

Nancy and Dick Ponzi Interview, Nancy Ponzi and Dick Ponzi (circa 2004-2006)

Submissions from 2006

Veronique Drouhin Interview, Veronique Drouhin

Pat Dudley Interview, Pat Dudley

Submissions from 2004

David Adelsheim Interview, David Adelsheim

Stephen Cary and Myron Redford Interview, Stephen Cary and Myron Redford

David and Diana Lett Interview, David Lett and Diana Lett

Lynn Penner-Ash Interview, Lynn Penner-Ash