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Oral History | Viticulture and Oenology


Myron Redford is photographed during an oral history interview at the Jereld R. Nicholson Library at Linfield College on May 16, 2016. Redford was interviewed by Linfield College Archivist Rachael Cristine Woody and student Camille Weber. Diana Hrabik from Amity Vineyards also attended the interview.

Amity Vineyards was established in 1974 by president and winemaker Myron Redford. After purchasing the vineyard from Jerry Preston and planting his first cuttings, Redford played various influential roles in Oregon’s budding wine industry. In 2014, Myron Redford sold Amity Vineyards to Union Wine Company, a local Oregon craft winery which operates under the labels Underwood, Kings Ridge, and Alchemist.

(left to right): Diana Hrabik (back to camera), Myron Redford, Rachael Woody, Rich Schmidt


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Oregon Wine History Archive. Jereld R. Nicholson Library. Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon.


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