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Mass Communication | Political Science | Social Influence and Political Communication


This study offers a content analysis of Twitter activity from 16 American political opinion magazines during the month before the 2012 presidential election. The study is an exploratory attempt to operationalize aspects of tweets that may contribute to frame alignment processes and mobilization among Twitter users. The analysis identifies these components and examines how political magazines’ Twitter activity may demonstrate aspects of this process. These magazines must consider both the normative goal of achieving specific political gains by mobilizing readers and the pragmatic goal of remaining sustainable as publishing enterprises. The degree to which their Twitter usage reflects frame alignment processes may not only reinforce political mobilization, but also affect the longevity of their publications. This analysis offers practical and theoretical insights into the changing role of political magazines in an increasingly digital era of political engagement.

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This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Digital Journalism on 2013-12-18, available online at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/21670811.2013.868147.

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Susan Currie Sivek
Political magazines on Twitter during election 2012: Framing, uniting, dividing.
Digital Journalism, 2014, volume 2, issue 4, pages 596-614



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