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The Oregon Vintage Report symposium for 2019 was held at Linfield College on March 2, 2020. The event took a deep dive into discussions of climate and plant physiological conditions during the 2019 vintage in Oregon, with an advanced focus on the Willamette Valley. Presentations analyzed the 2019 climate and discussed what impact this had on phenolic trends, in addition to an introduction to the world's most advanced understanding of testing for smoke impact. Specific presentations in this video include:

  • Introductory Remarks: Welcome delivered by Mark Anderson.
  • 2019 Vintage Report Abstract (Alex Cabrera & Michael Fay): Two perspectives on the 2019 vintage, from an operations manager and a winemaker.
  • 2019 Climate Analysis (Gregory V. Jones): A discussion of the main climate takeaways from 2019, focusing on regional characteristics.
  • 2019 Vintage Analysis (Sebastien Payen): A review of climatic data and the method used by Fruition Sciences to dissect vintages from around the world.
  • Exploring the Disease Triangle from Budbreak to Harvest for 2019 in the Willamette Valley (Jessica Cortell): A closer look at disease pressures on the 2019 vintage.
  • BluVite (JT Jaeger): An overview of a vineyard application being developed by Enartis, focused on soil fertility.
  • Winegrowing for Aromas (Peter Salamone): An introductory review of molecular physiology with an eye toward vineyard and winemaking practices.
  • Current Status of Testing Solutions for Smoke Impact (Eric Herve): A continuation and update of Herve's previous Vintage Report discussions on smoke impact and smoke taint.
  • Concluding Remarks: Closing delivered by Mark Anderson.

Created in 2010, the Vintage Report is an annual forum that aims to gather the wine industry’s most prominent vintners and scientists to discuss the previous vintage, present the latest innovative research, and share technical advances in viticulture and enology. The goal is to foster innovation for sustainable advancements in winemaking through scientific presentations and lectures from the industry’s leading minds. The Vintage Report aims to combine scientific results with empirical knowledge and experience. Topics discussed are deeply rooted in the region where the forum is held, and the analysis delivered at the Vintage Report is driven by vineyard data that paints a picture of local terroir.


Sponsored by Linfield College, Pellenc, Enartis, Laffort, Fruition Sciences, and ETS Laboratories.