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Peter Clem Interview


Peter Clem

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Rich Schmidt

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1 hour 41 minutes 22 seconds

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Fall 10-25-2023


Oral History


This interview is with Peter Clem, a Linfield alumni.

Peter shares it all, from growing up, to finding internships, and what his life looks like now. Peter talks about his childhood and growing up in Corvallis. He shares about finding Linfield and seeming to just fit.

He goes on to share some of his favorite Linfield memories, whether it was getting the nickname Captain Salad, making cold calls for the campus, or playing basketball.

Later on, Peter dives into his career journey. He talks about his time with Oprah, HGTV, and his role with the recent Max merger. Before he leaves, he also shares some words of wisdom.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt in the Nicholson Library at Linfield University on October 25, 2023.