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John Adkins and Erika Taylor Interview

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Alyssa Ralston

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This interview is with John Adkins & Erika Taylor, both alumni of Linfield University.

The father and daughter duo reminisce about their time at Linfield and all the amazing mentors, memories, and lessons Linfield gifted them.

John Adkins is Erika’s father and was part of Linfield’s class of 1963. He talks about his passion for Political Science, his time with his fraternity brothers, and being part of the Linfield choir. John shares about his love for Linfield and how it led to him to join the Peace Corps, get his doctorate, and have a career in career management.

Erika Taylor is John Adkins' daughter and a proud alumna from Linfield’s class of 1993. Erika talks about her decision to come to Linfield, some of her favorite theater memories, and what it was like to be a part of a sorority on campus. She also shares about her time after Linfield, and how she had a career in theater for a bit and then switched over to work in politics for a bit.

Both John and Erika share their favorite Linfield memories and recollect about how the campus and University have changed.

This interview was conducted by Alyssa Ralston in the Nicholson Library at Linfield University on October 18, 2023.