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Frank Molek Interview


Frank Molek

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Alyssa Ralston

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Video File


50 minutes 29 seconds

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Fall 10-13-2023


Oral History


This interview is with Frank Molek, a Linfield alumni.

In this interview, Frank speaks about his journey from his Oregon farm to Linfield. He then dives into how he found himself working in DC and in higher education. Frank reminisces about his time with the 1968 Linfield class.

He shares about his time playing baseball and all the influential people he met during his time at Linfield. Some highlights he mentioned were being a part of the 1966 Linfield baseball team--which won the NAIA National Championships--and finding a love for International Affairs.

Frank later talks about attending Georgetown on the Fulbright scholarship. He discusses his career, which was 45 years in advancement and development, and spending some time working with Edith Green.

This interview was conducted by Alyssa Ralston in the Nicholson Library at Linfield University on October 13, 2023.