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Gary and Janice Hering Interview

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Alyssa Ralston

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Video File



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Spring 5-8-2023


Oral History


This interview is with Gary Hering ’64 and Janice Hering. In this interview, Gary and Janice discuss their time at Linfield University (then Linfield College), focusing on their experience of being married while on campus.

The Herings speak about the community in the repurposed Army barracks used for married student housing, Janice’s participation in and leadership of the Linfield Wives Club (also known as the Co-Weds Club), Gary’s attending classes alongside his father, and the logistics of starting a family while attending school. They also talk about the path their lives took before arriving at and after leaving Linfield, and the differences they’ve observed in the Linfield student experience between the 1960s and today.

This interview was conducted by Alyssa Ralston at Nicholson Library at Linfield University in McMinnville, Oregon on May 8, 2023.