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Dr. Miles Davis Interview

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Dr. Miles K. Davis is the 20th president of Linfield College, beginning his term in 2018.

This interview takes place in the Jereld R. Nicholson Library's Austin Reading Room. In this interview, Davis talks about why he chose higher education, as well as his honest impressions of academia. He discusses becoming the dean of a business school and how he applied a business perspective that included marginalized peoples, ultimately boosting enrollment and building a sustainable program by making it “relevant to the community.” Davis also speaks about the reality of racism and underrepresentation within education, and he explains that he hopes to create an environment based on inclusion at Linfield. Davis shares his journey to becoming the president of Linfield College, including how immersed he has become in the campus and how blessed he feels to be able to do what he loves and make a difference. As Davis says in the interview, “I was who I was, and Linfield showed me who it was, and we made a match.”