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Grassroots Community Action and Resettlement in Boulder County, Colorado

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Civic and Community Engagement | Place and Environment | Rural Sociology


This report outlines my research and professional development activities for my Faculty Development Grant, awarded in December of 2013. Because of the timing of funding and the emergent quality of the post-disaster setting, I needed to shift the focus of my initial proposal to document disaster volunteerism after the 2013 floods. Instead, I examined the role of arts and music organizations in the long-term recovery of Lyons, Colorado, an important cultural center for bluegrass and folk music devastated by the floods. Because Lyons was a major field site for my dissertation research on bluegrass music and festival communities, I was able to create fruitful connections between this and my current research on post-disaster volunteerism, recovery, and community resilience.

The Faculty Development grant funded two separate research trips during which I conducted extensive participant-observation fieldwork and interviewed about two dozen town residents and musicians.


This research was conducted as part of a Linfield College Faculty Development Grant in 2014, funded by the Office of Academic Affairs.

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