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Art and Design | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Illustration | Photography


During my sabbatical (Fall 2019), I worked on several projects related to my professional development and my teaching. To start, I developed a new course in the history of animation to be offered at the 200-level. This course will be formally proposed to the Curriculum Committee during this academic year (to be ARTS 212 History of Animation). As a trial, I am teaching an Inquiry Seminar on the history of animation this semester. In addition, I continued drafting and editing a book-length manuscript on the photographer Hans Namuth.

During my sabbatical, I was asked by an editor of art history at Routledge, Isabella Vitti, to propose a book for inclusion in the Routledge Companion series on Marxist art history (to be titled the Routledge Companion to Marxist Art History). Collaborating with my co-editor, Tijen Tunali (Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies), we researched and wrote a proposal for a book to consist of forty original, commissioned essays. Our contributors will be balanced by gender and ethnicity, represent six continents, and include scholars at all stages of a professional career. Early in 2020, our proposal was sent out for external review to four leading Marxist art historians. Our reviewers’ responses were so positive that our editor brought our proposal to the editorial board in May. They approved it without requiring adjustments to our proposal. In June 2020, we signed a contract with a commitment to deliver a 750-page text by June 2023.


This research was conducted as part of a sabbatical leave in 2019.