The history of the Pacific City Dory Fleet endures in the tales of the men and women who have launched their dories through the surf, as well as others - wives, mothers, husbands, fathers, fish buyers, and boat builders - who have supported them over the years. This collection of narratives, gleaned from longer interviews, tells the story of the Dory Fleet in the words of those who know it best. No one person holds the history of the fleet; rather, it resides in the collective recounting of innumerable personal experiences. Noted historian Gerda Lerner states, "We live our lives; we tell our stories. . . . The past becomes part of our present and thereby part of our future." We offer our appreciation to those who have retold their stories in hopes of illuminating the past, describing the present, and ensuring the future of the Dory Fleet of Pacific City.

Note: Launching through the Surf: The Dory Fleet of Pacific City is an ongoing research project. As such, the narratives included in this collection represent only a small portion of those that eventually will become available. New stories will be added on an ongoing basis.


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