Linfield Football: The Streak

Linfield Football: The Streak


The 1956 Linfield football team posted a winning record, going 6-1-2 with a team full of players who had come up together and developed into a strong core group of players. They had no way of knowing at the time that, through at least 2023, Linfield would post more wins than losses in every successive season, setting a streak of winning seasons unseen at any level in the history of college football.

The interviews in this collection are with people involved in the 1956 team, looking back at starting “The Streak” and watching the success of Linfield football grow from there. Memories of tough games, harrowing travel, and wild celebrations are recounted, as are other recollections of campus life. For these alumni, the pride of having been part of the beginning of Linfield’s consistent football success is matched by the pride of watching the program become a national power and win multiple national championships.

As The Streak was heading into its 65th year, the Linfield Archives, Alumni Relations, and Journalism & Mass Communication team gathered these stories to preserve the stories of the beginning of an unprecedented run of football success.


Submissions from 2021

Dennis Anderson Interview, Dennis Anderson

Larry Hermo Interview, Larry Hermo

Submissions from 2020

Laurel Adams Interview, Laurel Adams

Cliff Allen Interview, Cliff Allen

Margie Bergan Interview, Margie Bergan

Bob Flood Interview, Bob Flood

Dick Holliday Interview, Dick Holliday

Bill LeMaster Interview, Bill LeMaster

Gene Manley Interview, Gene Manley

John Prutsman Interview, John Prutsman

Selwyn Spray Interview, Selwyn Spray

Paul Ward Interview, Paul Ward

Jack Warren Interview, Jack Warren

Coy Zimmerman Interview, Coy Zimmerman