Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in Sociology and Anthropology at Linfield University.


Events from 2023

Transitional Periods in Japanese Honorific Language, Grace Curry

Navigating Resources and Risks with Celiac Disease, Grace Curry and Salma Galvan

Entre Madres, Putas y Buchonas: A Content Analysis of Narco Shows and their Representation of Women, Salma Galván Pelayo

Self Presentation and Blended Identity in the Everyday Virtual Life: A Case Study of Fallout 76, Dmitri Sofranko

Events from 2022

Social Movement Framing: The Case of the Anti-Vaccination Movement, Sophia J. Collins

Unveiling the Mask of Post-Race Legitimacy; Preserving White Supremacy through the Use of Colorblind Racism in Policy Preference, Vanessa Gonzalez

Hawaiʻi is NOT your Escapist Fantasy: Varying Perspectives Surrounding Misconceptions and Representations of Hawaiʻi in the Tourism Industry, Shannon Hussey

Navigating a Social World Behind Masks: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected the Autism Spectrum Disorder Population as Seen in Research Literature, Sofia G. Nelson

Faith or Falsehoods: Christianity’s Influence on Sex Education, Maya Pillon

Events from 2021

Gender Transformations in Chinese Culture: The Case of Taiwanese Buddhist Nuns, Grace Curry

State Production, Chicha, Gender: A Stylistic Analysis of Eight Unprovenienced Chimú-Inka Ceramic Vessels at a Small Museum, Emmaline Irvine

Events from 2020

The Evolution of Love: The Meaning of Romantic Love in Contemporary Society, Jessica Salas

Events from 2019

Stigmatization of HIV: Nearly Four Decades Later, José Madrid Beltran

Traditional Medicine in Northern Peru: Identifying Preferences and Cultural Uses of Medicinal Plants, Elide Sanchez Rivera

Events from 2018


Restaurants and Relationships: Varied Experiences with Celiac Disease, Rose Letsinger and Elizabeth L. Stoeger


Community Engagement through Academic Museums: A Case Study of the Linfield Anthropology Museum, Zoya Miller


A Blessed Event: How Intended Parents Conceptualize Transnational Surrogacy, Elizabeth L. Stoeger

Events from 2017

Politics and Policy: An Examination of Child Abuse Policy in the United States, Rebecca N. Hopper


Making a Murderer: How Media Influences the Legitimacy of the Legal System, Tasha A. Lane


The Off-Season: Masculinities, Rurality, & Family Ties in Alaska Commercial Fishermen, Cruz M. Morey

Events from 2016


Cultural Preservation of Ethnomedicine in Peru, Lorena Álvarez, Kiana J. Ringuette, Sandra García-Hernández, Thomas Love, Marisa Alvarez, Javier Blanco, Shant Tamazian, and Douglas Sharon


The Role of Healing within a Pacific Northwest Native American Canoe Pilgrimage, Gabriela Gonzalez


Effects of Celiac Disease on Religion and Language, Elizabeth L. Stoeger and Solveig L. Gustafson

Events from 2015


Performing Gender: A Study of Gender Fluidity, Nicholas JKMK Coney

Female Expressions of Beauty in West Africa, Kathleen Greaver


"The Game" as Structure: Exploring Gendered Identities, Interactions and Macrostructures in the System of Sex Trafficking, Katelyn Henson

The Transformation of Tibetan Identity, Mang Jia


An Oral History of San Martín de Porres Catholic Mission, Flora V. Maciel Garibay, Miriam Corona, and Gina R. Castillo

Events from 2014


Traditional Medicine and Health Care in Peru, Sam Gauksheim


A Review of the Literatures of Gender Transformation, Metaphor, and Speech Acts in Anthropology, Gabriela I. Gonzalez


Effect of Social Disruption on Sense of National Identity, Angelina P. Nilssen

Oregon and Burgundian Wine Industries: A Comparative Analysis, Jeff D. Peterson, Patrick Hickock, Shelby Duarte, and Whitney Weber

Events from 2013

Losing the Hacienda: The Agrarian Reform’s Effect on Landowners in the Peruvian Andes, Susana Fajardo


Pinot Pioneers: Women in the Early Years of Willamette Valley Wine, Meghan Gillen and Amanda Maxwell


Salva la Iglesia: A Congregation's Fight for Community, Maria E. Schwarz


From Affordable Care Act to "Obamacare": Political Party and the Framing of Health Care in the 2012 Presidential Election, Anna Sours

Events from 2012


Weighing In: Coping with Stigmatization through the Fat Acceptance Movement and Weight Loss Surgery, JaeLyn L. Forthun


Who Is Your Bias?: The Symbolic Interactions and Social Solidarity of the K-pop Fan Community, Cassie Kwon


Culture Counts: Culture, Language & Mathematics in the U.S., Arielle L. Ramberg

Events from 2011


Diverse Learners and Teacher Education: A Sociocultural Approach, Elissa Blackhurst and Stacey Van Blom

Bringing Vines to the Valley: The Early History of Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley, Barrett Dahl, Sara Juergensen, Dulce Kersting, Jeff Peterson, and Keni Sturgeon

Discussing Diagnosis in Gluten Intolerance Communities, Craig Geffre

Illuminating Distinction: Rural Modernization and the Invention of the Countryside in Cajamarca, Peru, Jade Severson

Tracing Taizé: Rebuilding Global Solidarity through Religious Pilgrimage, Dayna Tapp