Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications


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Books from 2020

The Portable Community: Place and Displacement in Bluegrass Festival Life, Robert Owen Gardner

Submissions from 2019


Defining Choices Redefined: Heroic Life Narratives of Taiwanese Buddhist Monastics, Hillary Crane

Books from 2017

The Independent Republic of Arequipa: Making Regional Culture in the Andes, Thomas F. Love

Submissions from 2016


Energy and Economy: Recognizing High-Energy Modernity as a Historical Period, Thomas Love and Cindy Isenhour

Submissions from 2013


Flirting with Conversion: Negotiating Researcher Non-Belief with Missionaries, Hillary K. Crane

Missionary Impositions: Conversion, Resistance, and Other Challenges to Objectivity in Religious Ethnography, Hillary K. Crane and Deana L. Weibel

Cultures of Energy: Power, Practices, Technologies, Sarah Strauss, Stephanie Rupp, and Thomas Love

Submissions from 2011


Resistance through Transformation? The Meanings of Gender Reversals in a Taiwanese Buddhist Monastery, Hillary Crane

Books from 2010

Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Volume 35, Norman K. Denzin, Chistopher J. Schneider, Robert Owen Gardner, and John Bryce Merrill

Submissions from 2007


Becoming a Nun, Becoming a Man: Taiwanese Buddhist Nuns’ Gender Transformation, Hillary Crane

Submissions from 2006


The Stoic Monastic: Taiwanese Buddhism and the Problem of Emotions, Hillary Crane

Submissions from 2004


Resisting Marriage and Renouncing Womanhood: The Choice of Taiwanese Buddhist Nuns, Hillary Crane

Submissions from 1997


Grounds for Argument: Local Understandings, Science, and Global Processes in Special Forest Products Harvesting, Thomas Love and Eric Jones

Submissions from 1983


Comment on David Guillet's "Toward a Cultural Ecology of Mountains: The Central Andes and the Himalayas Compared", Thomas Love