Senior Theses

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Thesis (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies


Religious Studies

Faculty Advisor(s)

David Fiordalis

Subject Categories

History of Religion | History of Religions of Eastern Origins | Islamic World and Near East History | Religion


Stories contain the power to be able to pull people in and engulf them with the teachings and enjoyment they possess. Storytelling is used in many different manners and one of those is through religion. It is through the telling of stories, and eventually the writing of them, that major religious beliefs have successfully spread to other parts of the world instead of staying in one place. Buddhism is one of the religions that is well-known and practiced by many because of the spread of its stories to other parts of the world, especially Asia. In ancient China, Buddhism flourished among the Chinese people because it was not suited just for the elites. Lay people were able to enjoy and relate to Buddhist doctrines as well. Through different tales and explanations, Buddhism was able to flourish among not just one class but all classes because it related to many aspects of life. Stories played a key part.



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