Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications


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Submissions from 2021


Buddhas and Body Language: The Literary Trope of the Buddha's Smile, David Fiordalis

Submissions from 2019


The Blind Arhat and the Old Baby: Liberation by Wisdom, the Dry-Insight Practitioner, and the Pairing of Calm and Insight, David V. Fiordalis

Books from 2018

Buddhist Spiritual Practices: Thinking with Pierre Hadot on Buddhism, Philosophy, and the Path, David Fiordalis

Submissions from 2016


Androgyny/Hermaphroditism: Hebrew Bible, Jennifer J. Williams

Submissions from 2014


On Buddhism, Divination and the Worldly Arts: Textual Evidence from the Theravāda Tradition, David Fiordalis


The Buddha’s Great Miracle at Śrāvastī: A Translation from the Tibetan Mūlasarvāstivāda-vinaya, David Fiordalis

Submissions from 2011


Miracles in Indian Buddhist Narratives and Doctrine, David V. Fiordalis

Books from 2006

Signs of Peace: The Interfaith Letters of Thomas Merton, William D. Apel

Books from 2001

Priesthood in Ancient Israel, William R. Millar

Books from 2000

Silent Conversations: Reading the Bible in Good Company, William D. Apel