Walter Powell-Linfield University Philosophy Lecture Series

Walter Powell-Linfield University Philosophy Lecture Series


The Walter Powell-Linfield University annual Philosophy Lectureship is in recognition of a generous gift from Michael Powell in honor of his father. Walter Powell founded Powell's Bookstore, the largest private bookstore in the United States (with more than one million volumes), in Portland, Oregon.


Lectures from 2019

Climate and Compassion: Buddhist Contribution to an Ethics of Intergenerational Justice, Peter D. Hershock

Valuing Intelligence: Buddhist Reflection on the Attention Economy and Artificial Intelligence, Peter D. Hershock

Lectures from 2018

Making Sense of Ourselves and Others: Narratives Not Theories, Daniel Hutto

Radical Enactivism: Rethinking Basic Minds, Daniel Hutto

Lectures from 2017

On the Contrary: How to Think about Climate Communication, Jay Odenbaugh

On the Contrary: How to Think about Climate Skepticism, Jay Odenbaugh

Lectures from 2015

Life and Death in Rock: Meditations on Tomb Stones, Kathleen Higgins

The Functionality of the Aesthetic in the Context of Mourning, Kathleen Higgins

Lectures from 2014

Olympism, Doping and the Spirit of Sport, Mike McNamee

Paralympism, Disability and the Ethics of Elective Amputation, Mike McNamee

Lectures from 2013

How Language Undermines the Revitalization of the Cultural Commons, C. A. Bowers

Technologies that Undermine the Exercise of Ecological Intelligence, C. A. Bowers

Exploring Inner Space in Outer Space, Shaun Gallagher

Making Enactivism Even More Embodied, Shaun Gallagher