Faculty Publications


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Submissions from 2012


Measurement of Semiconductor Surface Potential Using the Scanning Electron Microscope, Jennifer T. Heath, Chun-Sheng Jiang, and Mowafak M. Al-Jassim

Submissions from 2011


Scanning Capacitance Spectroscopy on n+-p Asymmetrical Junctions in Multicrystalline Si Solar Cells, Chun-Sheng Jiang, Jennifer T. Heath, Helio R. Moutinho, and Mowafak M. Al-Jassim

Submissions from 2002


Effect of Ga Content on Defect States in CuIn1-xGaxSe2 Photovoltaic Devices, Jennifer T. Heath, J. David Cohen, William N. Shafarman, Dongxiang Liao, and Angus Rockett