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Thesis (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy



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Kaarina Beam

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“Videogames are a waste of time and rob people of a chance at a real life.” This has long been the status quo regarding videogames and gamers. Videogames, Experiential Reality, Ethics, and Gamers rallies against this by undermining the philosophical assumption that comes with the claims against gaming, namely that reality is solely and completely physically determined.

On this quest, “legends and philosophical clans” shall be called upon and united to besiege the conventional notion that there is a sole physical reality. This notion is cut down like so many orcs, leaving the Individual Champion as the lone warrior left standing. This Champion of experiential reality, the individual that determines his own reality, is now alone on the hilltop of victory. Looking out he sees a vast expanse of new possibilities he must traverse: a complicated landscape of ethical quandaries to be vanquished before victoriously being welcomed home.

This journey is taken in two chapters as follows:
1) Games Gettin’ Real takes on the metaphysical quest to determine what can be considered real and how reality is determined for and by the individual based on what one deems as valuable to the self.
2) Games, Ethics, and Social Networking For Realz explores the ethical framework of videogames, how people interact with games, and the ethical responsibilities that players have to people both inside and outside of the game.

Accompanied by Kant, notable existentialists such as Kierkegaard, an Evil Genius, and more, the Champion and his allies march forth discovering a bounty of philosophic treasures to be found in knowledge of the world and the self as they intersect with the realm of gaming.

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