Janis Miglavs is an internationally renowned adventure travel photographer. He conducted the interviews in this collection for his 2008 book Oregon: The Taste of Wine, which features photographs and interviews encompassing the state's wine industry. Miglavs conducted more than 80 audio interviews for the book.

According to Miglavs, "Contrary to the title, this book is not really about wine. Rather it's about an extraordinary group of individuals who, for some reason, happened to come together in this place called Oregon to create something world-class. It's about their individual and collective energy, their values, their passion, their vision, and their humanness."


Submissions from 2016

Scott Burns Interview, Scott Burns (circa 2007-2009)

Submissions from 2009

Scott Henry Interview, Scott Henry

Submissions from 2008

Stephen Cary Interview, Stephen Cary

Sue Horstmann Interview, Sue Horstmann

Submissions from 2007

David Adelsheim Interview, David Adelsheim

Evan Bellingar Interview, Evan Bellingar

Jim Bernau Interview, Jim Bernau

Susan Sokol Blosser Interview, Susan Sokol Blosser

Adam and Pat Campbell Interview, Adam Campbell and Pat Campbell

Ben Casteel Interview, Ben Casteel

Terry Casteel Interview, Terry Casteel

Dyson and Susan DeMara Interview, Dyson DeMara and Susan DeMara

Veronique Drouhin-Boss Interview, Veronique Drouhin-Boss

Dick Erath Interview, Dick Erath

Patty Green Interview, Patty Green

Allen Holstein Interview, Allen Holstein

King Estate Winery Interview, King Estate Winery

David and Jason Lett Interview, David Lett and Jason Lett

Jason Lett Interview, Jason Lett

Jim, Martha, and Jimmy Maresh Interview, Jimmy Maresh, Martha Maresh, and Jim Maresh

Moe Momtazi Interview, Moe Momtazi

Nick Peirano Interview, Nick Peirano

Lynn and Ron Penner-Ash Interview, Lynn Penner-Ash and Ron Penner-Ash

Harry Peterson-Nedry Interview, Harry Peterson-Nedry

Dick and Luisa Ponzi Interview, Dick Ponzi and Luisa Ponzi

Myron Redford Interview, Myron Redford

Rollin Soles Interview, Rollin Soles

Richard Sommer Interview, Richard Sommer

Bill and Cathy Stoller Interview, Bill Stoller and Cathy Stoller

Milan Stoyanov Interview, Milan Stoyanov

Doug Tunnell Interview, Doug Tunnell

Mike Wisnovsky Interview, Mike Wisnovsky

Ken Wright Interview, Ken Wright

Lonnie Wright Interview, Lonnie Wright

Cecil Zerba Interview, Cecil Zerba