Oregon Nobel Laureate Symposium


The Oregon Nobel Laureate Symposium at Linfield University brings together the genius of the world's Nobel Prize winners and the excellence of a small, liberal arts college in the United States. Dedicated to the spirit of Alfred Nobel's goal to expand the frontiers of human knowledge for the benefit of the world, at its inception the Symposium was one of only five such convocations held worldwide. (The others were held in St. Peter, Minnesota (at Gustavus Adolphus College); San Remo, Italy; Chicago, Illinois (at the Museum of Science and Industry); and Lindau, Germany.) Free public lectures form the centerpiece of each Symposium, while informal exchanges and discussions among small groups of scholars, citizens, and students add to the intellectual excitement of the event. This collection contains some of the public lectures delivered by Nobel Laureates during their visits to Linfield.


Lectures from 2013

The Accelerating Universe, Brian Schmidt

The Process of Science, Brian Schmidt