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Thesis (Linfield Access)

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Bachelor of Arts in Music



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Richard Bourassa

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Intermezzo seemed a fitting title for this work. Italian literally for interlude, intermezzo describes an act connecting two larger pieces together. In a broader sense, I interpreted the act of networking to be the connecting piece in the process of hiring entertainment from music agencies for higher education institutions. This thesis covers only a small perspective of the college entertainment industry and is not intended as a national study. I have targeted my research to focus on small colleges and universities within the state of Oregon.

Small higher education institutions, such as Linfield College, have been conducting business with independent musicians and musicians represented by music agencies for an extended period of time in order to provide entertainment for its student body. The position of the Musical Entertainment Chair for the Linfield Activities Board was established to book both professional and student musicians for weekly performances.

Presently, there are no written guidelines for this position. If students filling this position lack a music or business background, the position of Musical Entertainment Chair is a daunting challenge. The purpose of this thesis is to provide a means for students to acquire more easily the tools to be successful as Musical Entertainment Chair or as a supplement for individuals interested or employed in similar positions at colleges or universities. Appendix A: The Musical Entertainment Chair Guide will be especially beneficial to students employed as the Musical Entertainment chair for the Linfield Activities Board or at similar positions at other institutions.