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City magazines have long been established in many American locales, but digital media of all types are now offering opportunities and challenges to this genre of magazine. Digital media have also complicated the rapidly changing ecosystems of local information in which urban citizens reside. The resources and popularity of newspapers and broadcast news have shifted, and other forms of print, digital, and mobile media are assuming important roles in informing the public. With all these factors at work, this may be a pivotal moment for city magazines as they explore innovative technology, creative business strategies, and the new possibilities for coverage that these offer. As part of a larger, multi-method project, this study analyzes to what degree city magazines are using Twitter to move beyond a monthly publication schedule, to activate and engage audiences in new ways, and to address local topics and concerns. This study reveals that city magazines are informing the public and engaging their audiences through social media in limited but promising ways. It also strongly suggests that these magazines may indeed be using technology to move beyond their traditional monthly publication schedule and become a more vibrant part of local audiences’ information environment.

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Susan Currie Sivek
City magazines and social media: moving beyond the monthly.
Journal of Magazine & New Media Research, 2013, volume 14, issue 2



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