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“The Politics of Public Media" was the theme for the 2017 Jim Joyce Symposium on Political Communication at the University of Nevada-Reno. The symposium, co-sponsored by KNPB Public Television and KUNR/Reno Public Radio, commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act. The Public Broadcasting Act was signed by President Lyndon Baines Johnson on November 7, 1967; it established the framework for public broadcasting in the United States, creating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and leading eventually to PBS and NPR. These prepared remarks from Dr. Michael Huntsberger (associate professor of Mass Communication at Linfield College) speak to the unique position of public media in the information ecosystem and call on America’s public media institutions and organizations to foster inclusion, intelligence, and compassion.


This presentation was given at the 2017 Jim Joyce Symposium on Political Communication, held at the University of Nevada-Reno.



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